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We’ll let the results do the talking. In recent years, the Voodoo has twice received Backcountry Magazine’s coveted Editors’ Choice award. A directional big-mountain slayer, the 2019 Voodoo continues a few minor but noteworthy improvements over past models. We increased early rise in the nose, meaning the already hard-charging Voodoo now offers a little more flotation in the fluff — and climbs better in deep pow. To further improve this board’s tractor-like climbing ability, we eased up on the tail rise — an improvement that results in extra stick on slick skin tracks.

“Stiff tip to tail, with midrange torsional play, the Voodoo crushes pow, steeps, glades and groomers,” a Backcountry Magazine tester said. And just like the first three Voodoo model years, 2018’s offers another bad ass top sheet design of the spectacular mountains we frequent.

Without sacrificing weight for durability, this is one of the toughest splitboards on the market. Designed not only for the riding component, but also for superior uphill climbing and traversing, the Voodoo Splitboard is fast and agile. Ideal flexibility both lengthwise and in the torso make this board tons of fun in any conditions. Known for being trustworthy in the steepest, most treacherous terrain.

We do not mass-produce splitboards. Each board is made by hand with the utmost care and craftsmanship, in a small factory in Crested Butte, Colorado.

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Cold Smoke Splitboards are handmade high in the West Elk Mountains of Colorado. 

We specialize in creating factory pressed splitboards and professionally crafted custom splitboards.


Weight: 7lbs, 4 oz (158)

Length: 154 cm, 158 cm, 163cm, 169cm

CSS Camber Bubble – Steep camber bubble behind rear foot provides better traction while skinning and boosts ollie-power with a reverse-spring effect. This technology from Cold Smoke Splitboards makes both the uphill and the downhill more efficient by minimizing the effort required to climb and by maximizing the amount of “pop” you get out of your board.

Shovel Nose – Early rise on the board aids in floatation when slicing through powder up or down and is sure to satisfy your slaying needs.  Also a slightly wider nose than tail will guarantee pure satisfaction when confronted with deep powder.

Sustainable Wood Core – Remarkably strong and lightweight poplar wood withstands pressure and provides better rebound.

Solid Black Sintered Base – We don’t throw in unnecessary graphics on your base.  A black sintered base is your ticket to the strongest/toughest and longest lasting base you can buy.  This base material will withstand abuse and is the fastest base material on the market.  Absorbs wax well to promote speed and resist damage from impact.

Polyethylene Sidewalls – Incredibly strong and impact-resistant, yet still flexible so the user is always in control – even in the coldest conditions when other materials suffer a decrease in response time. When you’re on a steep face in a no-fall zone, you can not afford for your board to ‘freeze up’ on you.

Stone Finish – We don’t mess around, especially with the finishing touches. Each board gets a stone grind finish not common with other factory splitboards, increasing speed and performance on the snow.  To top it off we use an environmentally friendly wax.

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