[pullquote_left]“Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.” –  Anonymous[/pullquote_left]

Without much discussion a brief plan was set and a decision was made. Sunday was to be the day. For far too long we had been trying to enjoy the warm weather by riding bikes or fishing, but splitboarding continued to torture our minds. Finally something gave. The high pressure system lingering over Colorado suddenly lifted and BAM!  Snow…

We meet up the next morning, all grinning ear-to-ear. We scraped off the remaining wax from the night before and loaded up the snowmobiles. We enjoyed a dark, aromatic coffee blend between breaths of brisk air (cold air in the lungs also wakes you up), and then it was ‘go’ time.  We had all imagined that first powder day of the year, wondered when it would arrive and how it would feel. Now it was here, and we were hot on it’s trail.

Snow has a funny way of making people smile. Whether it’s the first or the hundredth time you’ve experienced it, snow immediately sparks something inside of you to burst into happiness. Going months without the pleasure of sliding down the mountain you almost forget the feelings of joy obtained in the act. We basked in the glory of being out in the wilderness and once again traveling by splitboard. Great conversations were shared, jokes were told and for a few hours none of us worried about anything other than having fun. We explored new areas, found out cool new things about one another and recovered that feeling we had all been waiting for. Snow had yet again lifted the spirits of the worried and definitely put our minds at ease. We hope for lots more white in the coming months, and can move forward knowing we undoubtably got some freshies and traveled happily on this day.