Who is Cold Smoke Splitboards?

Cold Smoke Splitboards arose from the rugged and unforgiving San Juan Range of Southwest Colorado. All our splitboards are handmade with top craftsmanship in the Gunnison Valley. The people behind Cold Smoke Splitboards have extensive backcountry experience and dedicate most of their time to research and development in the Rocky Mountains. The thing they love most? Standing sideways and riding steep and deep powder. Doing this requires trustworthy equipment in the most extreme conditions and terrain, so they have a commitment to excellence that will never be compromised. You can count on your Cold Smoke splitboard to rank high with the most durable boards in the industry. 

What are the pros and cons of a factory splitboard versus a custom?

Factory splitboards, such as Cold Smoke’s Voodoo, were designed and built with the intention that they would serve to provide two skis for the climb, latched together to make a solid deck for the descent. They’re built with inside edges that can offer a little more grip on hard or icy surfaces. Custom splitboards, on the other hand, started their lives as solid decks but were cut in half to become a splitboard. Some riders prefer the craftsmanship and and slight advantage from inside edges that a factory splitboard offers. However, factory splitboards are more expensive. And custom boards offer a chance for a well-used resort deck — ridden hard but still usable — to get a new lease on life. Lucky for you, Cold Smoke offers both.

What is is the Voodoo made of?

The Voodoo — “Made in the Elk Mountains of Colorado,” as the top sheet indicates — is built of remarkably strong, lightweight, sustainably selected poplar, which withstands pressure and provides better rebound. A black, sintered base is your ticket to one of the strongest, toughest and longest-lasting boards on the market today. This base material will withstand abuse, aborbs wax well and is lightning-fast. Incredibly strong and impact-resistant polyethylene sidewalls offer flex — even in the coldest conditions, when other materials suffer from a decrease in response time. Each board gets a stone-grind finish — not common with other factory splitboards — increasing speed and performance on the snow. To top it off, Cold Smoke uses an environmentally friendly wax on each deck.

What is the rocker/camber profile of the Voodoo?

The Voodoo’s “camber bubble” — a section of camber placed behind the rider’s rear foot — provides traction while skinning and boosts ollie-power with a springlike effect. This technology from Cold Smoke makes both the uphill and downhill more efficient by minimizing the effort required to climb and by maximizing the amount of “pop” a rider gets out of the board. Carbon stringers in the deck also add pop in the tail section, which boasts 12 cm of rise. Early rise on the nose — slightly wider than the tail — aids in flotation when slicing through powder and crud alike.

Can inside metal edges be installed on my custom splitboard?

We are firm believers that you do not need a metal edge on the inside cut of your new splitboard. Many splitboard manufacturers will put a metal edge on both sides of the split ski, which is by no means a bad thing. Factory-built splitboards have metal edges because they are installed when the board is pressed to give that inside edge the strength it needs to do its job and to last through thick and thin. For CSS to put a metal edge on the inside of your splitboard we would have to router out a channel, install the new edge, and then replace the base material taken out. This would cost more money and time, and still will not have the strength or integrity of a true factory edge. However, we have been splitboarding on custom-made boards for many years and haven’t felt that a metal edge would drastically improve the grip on slick surfaces. Therefore, if you feel you want a metal edge for better traction on ice or more stability on slippery traverses, simply purchase a pair of removable splitboard crampons.

Why can’t I just use snowshoes with my resort board in the backcountry?

You can — if you’re looking for a surefire way to piss off skiers and splitboarders alike! Snowshoes wreak havoc on skintracks, but the greatest downfall of snowshoes is that they are incredibly inefficient for touring. That is, a splitboard with skins installed offers a lightning-fast ascent up skintracks that skiers use as well. The faster the climb, the more laps you’ll get in. And the less energy you’ll be using to reach the top.

How long will it take to complete my custom splitboard?

The turnaround time of your custom splitboard depends on the season and how hectic is in in the shop. An estimated completion time will be given once your order has been submitted. Every board is different, therefore some boards can be done quickly while others can require more time or attention to detail. If you need your board done FAST just let us know and we will do our best to expedite the process.


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