2017 Voodoo improved over past models

Some might say, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? At Cold Smoke, we believe in striving for perfection. That’s why our tried-and-true flagship deck, the Voodoo, has received Editors’ Choice award from Backcountry Magazine for two out of the last three years.

For 2017, we increased early rise in the nose, meaning the already hard-charging Voodoo now offers a little more flotation in the fluff — and climbs better in deep pow. To further improve this board’s tractor-like climbing ability, we eased up on the tail rise — an improvement that results in extra stick on slick skin tracks.


Additionally, the 2017 Voodoo is two-thirds of a pound lighter than the original model — achieved through two primary changes. During the construction process, PSI on the press was cranked up, which resulted in the elimination of excess epoxy. And again this year, we opted for just a partial wrap of steel edges on each ski. Don’t worry, there’s still steel where it’s needed — covering most of the inside and outside edges of each ski, but stopping short of wrapping around the nose and tail. Other splitboard companies also have adopted this approach to achieve a greatly reduced swing weight.

Durability is a hallmark of the Voodoo. “With the improvements the Voodoo is noticeably lighter without sacrificing durability,” said Cold Smoke owner Kyle Jones.

A major improvement to last year’s Voodoo, and continued this year, is a longer “camber bubble” — a section of camber placed behind the rider’s rear foot, providing traction while skinning and boosting ollie-power with a springlike effect. On the 2016 and 2017 models, we extended the length of the camber bubble so that it ends closer to the mid-point between the rider’s front and rear foot.

The camber bubble is technology from Cold Smoke designed to make both the uphill and downhill more efficient by minimizing the effort required to climb and by maximizing the amount of “pop” a rider gets out of the board. The longer camber bubble maximizes this effect.




The Voodoo is still available in 163 and 158 cm lengths, but a shorter version — perfect for the ladies — is now part of the line-up. The 154 cm version not only is a more manageable length for shorter riders but does not have ride-stiffening carbon stringers in the rear that the two longer models come with — providing response that lighter riders will find ideal.

“We now have any size for any rider,” Jones noted.

We also narrowed the width of the 158 cm board from the original Voodoo to provide dimensions more proportional to the board’s length. The 163 cm board still comes with a waist of 26 cm, while the waist on the 158 is now 25 cm, and the waist on the 154 is 24 cm.

And as a result of requests from riders, the Voodoo is available in a solid version as well. Get the same fast, snappy, agile ride that defines the splitboard in a version more suited for riding lifts.

“I have so many customers who love how our splitboards ride,” Jones said. “Now they can get that in a solid version.”

Click here to learn more about the Voodoo solid. We can also be reached at 719.850.0091.